A brief look at our fleet, and the tasks we can perform

Our Heavy Recovery fleet has a high profile in the Somerset area, completing regular recoveries for a variety of high profile customers. Fitted with professional underlift equipment, the trucks are able to safely and securely lift vehicles up to 44 tons. Both vehicles are also equipped with heavy duty winching equipment for lifting and uprighting casualty vehicles.

Our versitile "tilt & slide" trucks can recover any vehicle up to 7.5 ton in weight. The smaller of the two proving invaluble for navigating narrow lanes and restricted access. Both vehicles are fitted with professional winches, allowing a casualty vehicle to be safely recovered.

Our off road winching vehicles are ideal for the rural outskirts of Somerset. Strong and narrow by design, and able to complete a variety of unusual recoveries, including those occasions where satellite navigation technology may have sent a driver the wrong way!

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